We live in a turbulent times. Although this may already sound super cliché these days, virtually no one can say how long this will last and what new changes may await us in the near future. 

So we are hereby offering you a creative visionary ‘tool’ that allows you to take stock and think about the future in a new light. Often, this helps to discover new insights and ideas, using your intuition, creative thinking, as well as many images and experiences that you have lived through.

Important disclaimer: we do not suggest that you take our “Advertarot” cards seriously as a means of predicting the future. Of course, as any similar project it has to be treated with a certain degree of irony. 

However, if the cards help you re-imagine the future, or update your views, or consider new niches and insights – we will be more than happy.

With love to each our client and partner, 

Vondel Digital team


Regular Tarot cards have many rules and variations, but ours are based entirely on the ideas and creative expertise of the team. We expect you to freely interpret the “signs” that the Universe sends you with our cards. 

In any case we though it might be useful if we leave a small guide on where to start.

The deck of cards: 

Our deck consists of original 38 Tarot cards with unique designs. They are divided into major (trump) and minor arcanes, and also two cards above all arcanes. 

Majors include the “biggest” cards whose significance dominates the layout. As majors, we chose archetypes (often used in branding strategies planning) which have significant impact on various situations, because in the end it’s who you are that changes everything. 

Minors are used to provide additional context to the situation – they represent trends, working tools, and processes, which define the world at any given moment. They are no less important, but their meaning could be influenced by other cards. 

“Above-arcanes” cards represent unexpected fateful elements that can change everything. When such luck or fate appears on the horizon, you just need to accept new rules of the game. Just like we do in life.

Rules for creative “fortune-telling”:

Study the meaning of each card. Remember that you are free to vary your interpretation, based on the other cards on the layout. The main thing is to keep your creative chakras open.

Begin with a clear question which you need to answer. Remember to avoid “yes or no” questions. The questions you ask before the start should be as specific as possible, but do not expect equally clear answers, alas.

Example of a specific question: “What do I need to do to attract younger audience to use our product or service?” / “What awaits me in the coming year if I accept the relocation offer from company X”?

Example of an incorrect question: “Should I work on project X (yes/no)” / “What awaits my business in the next year (very vague, too little context)”.

Specify a clear period for which you are predicting. If you are thinking about a strategy for a year or any other period (we do not recommend to look further than a year), you need to clearly realize and define it for yourself before starting.

The simplest layout is three cards drawn in random order and laid out sequentially in a row. Depending on your question, you can interpret the answers in several ways

  1. situation (1), action (2), outcome (3);
  2. idea (1), process (2), eve (3);
  3. aspiration (1), potential obstacles on your way to it  (2), ways to overcome those (3).

We recommend starting with 3 cards, but layouts can be for 5 cards or more.

Over time, you will learn to determine the role of each card in the layout and its degree of influence on the situation/perspective.

Believe in your abilities—they are boundless. Perhaps you will spend pleasant time. And even find that long-awaited answer. Remember that sometimes letting go of complicated analysis and trusting the decision to your subconscious experience is a way out. And if nothing comes to mind—read our interpretations for the cards and tune in to search for your answers.

Baseline meaning of each card

Archetypes (major arcane)

The Innovator

Our desire to innovate stems from the need to sort everything into pieces, and to find effective solutions. Innovation is also about feeling one’s strength and exerting control over what is happening. But remember that with power always comes responsibility, so that not a single “flask” explodes.

The Rebel

Creative destruction. Chaos, that can be controlled, if created by an experienced rebel. After all, it is out of chaos that new stars are born.

The Caregiver

True care and support can be a reminder of true leadership. And many leaders, no matter how strong they seem to be, often also need it. Leading a team doesn’t imply being an angel, but rather being fair and offering help where your experience and knowledge is needed.

The Explorer

The path to the top is not the beaten path. Sometimes you need to offer the market something new, rather than simply more of the same. Yes, blue oceans are usually new, uncharted territories, but therefore there is less competition and a lot of pioneering ideas and creativity.

The Hero

The path to the top is not the beaten path. Sometimes you need to offer the market something new, rather than simply more of the same. Yes, blue oceans are usually new, uncharted territories, but therefore there is less competition and a lot of pioneering ideas and creativity.

The Magician

It’s all or nothing. The red brick road where you are not looking for a magical solution, but rather the solution grows inside your mind, based on previous experience. Enjoy the path. In the end, it’s the process rather than result that matters.

The Sage

Any experience is meaningful. Thanks to it, each of us has the strength within to overcome difficulties and look for new points of growth. Accept whatever happens as a lesson you need to learn.

The Jester

The card symbolizes unpredictability and the game of fate. Everyone watches in amazement as you create your own story. This is your script, your spotlight and your time. Exposure is trying you. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Don’t be afraid to be funny. The only risk in your life is going unnoticed.

The Lover

We all want to be loved. That is what the famous “lovemark” concept is about. But most often to be loved means to love, first. You can evoke sincere feelings when you invest a part of your heart into the project.

The Creator

It is time to unleash your inner creative beast. A creative approach adds a pinch of pepper to any business. Sometimes it takes just a little to see a things in a completely new light.

The Ruler

The card represents a person with power and influence. It is also a symbol of special status and position in society and successful leadership. Is this what you are striving for? Or is there such a person in your situation, on whom the solution depends?

The Everyman

There is a double game hidden somewhere in the situation. The usual routine, the same actions, can lead to completely different results. Check if you have sufficient information, or you need to consult someone you trust.

Minor arcanes: Clients

The Devoted Patron

The card is about sharing experience. Give and get advice from clients, partners and less experienced colleagues. The secret is that the more you give, the more indispensable you become. This way, everyone can feel the proximity of an experienced patron, but not everyone will decide to repeat your experience alone.

High Expectations

High expectations and great hopes… Let’s be honest: it is impossible to be indifferent to the work you love. We think about projects and clients constantly, even while cooking dinner or playing sports. This is fine. It’s just as important to find time to think about the present, as it is to think about big dreams for the future. Meeting your ambitions is just around the corner.

The Perfect Match

Successful cooperation is a dance for two: it is where reasonable expectations meet talented performance. And it begins with unconditional interest in the melody played by the second participant.

The Restless Discontent (frustrated client)

While doing creative work, from time to time you can bump into a dead end. We all know that uncomfortable chilly feeling can be a great catalyst for a new vision at work. You have to admit that part of the work will stay “in the drawyer” and part will become a new whole.

The Fresh Seeker

A new beginning is often hidden from our eyes. But that’s okay, the search for a fresh look and new bright ideas is never on time, never on schedule. But what can stimulate the imagination? Books, travel, music, and even procrastination. Check what works for you. Remember, the thing is to gain strength!

The Royal Patron

Sometimes your partner plays offensively, but worse if they play in the defense. Don’t be afraid to be honest, argue, support, ask questions. The task is to listen and analyze, and this is how trust is born.

Minor arcanes: Competitors

The Leader

In any field there are leaders widely followed by others. In fact, they need to be studied, collaborated, or, at worst, dive-bombed. There are only two taboos: inept copying and ordered black PR. Check what valuable experience you can get from them.

The Disruptor

Sometimes there is a new kid on the block, someone completely new, who wants revolutionary changes. This brings not only a sense of instability, but also new opportunities for the entire sphere, which awaits the coming of such a person. This means be prepared for new adaptations, some chaos and release from previous obligations.

The Specialist Voyager

Good work means, in addition to everything else, a good deal of analysis. Analyze everything you can. Dig deeper. Determine what you will measure and what is the expected result; set your goals straight, not with optimistic projections, but identifying problems and suggesting optimal solutions.

The Copycat

We live in an era of information hyperstimuli and micro-reactions. When every project is a huge preparation, and only minutes, if not seconds, to reach the right person, so that they like and remember. Make sure you engage with them on the best possible level.

The Rising Challenger

You want it all and now. You are full of strength and ready to jump over obstacles quickly and at half the price. But you need results fast. These thirst may lead to more risky decisions. This means the game becomes more interesting. Think twice. And if you think your goals is worth it, go ahead!

The Collaborator

It’s great to have a good ship, but more importantly, it’s who you have on board that matters. There comes a time when collaboration and joining forces become important keys to success. And not only for you. Communicate more, look for partnerships in the most unexpected ways and create collaborations.

Minor arcanes: Trends


Simple, sincere things can have endless cycle of repetition. Like an evergreen plant that retains its foliage throughout the year. And in business? Of course it’s the idea. The trend is to find that main thing, a unique concept, within which there is love and real benefit for everyone.

Momentary flash

A momentary flash can, at times, change everything. And sometimes it just becomes a very short-term phenomenon or event that does not become a trend. Capture this fleetingness. Use, but don’t overplay – value is always found in the search for long-term and sustainable products and connections.


Responsible business practices is both an emotional and a rational trend. Modern humanity cannot act outside the ecological, social and economic environment in which we live and work. Our principles give us the opportunity to feel better and convey to our partners and colleagues what values are important to us. The pure energy of the future is inside the right thoughts and decisions.

The Technology craze

Modern life is dependent on advanced technologies. This trend expresses the desire of companies and consumers to make our lives easier with tech. You have to adapt and see what tech works best for you.

The Cultural Diversity

Diversity creates uniqueness. Therefore, it would be a big mistake to set a general framework without regard to the individuality of people around. Embrace diversity and consider which unique traits you possess.

Health & Wellness

They say balance is king. Ambition vs peace. Work vs personal life. But in reality, harmony is important, which consists in doing what is important when you want it. What are the things you need to balance? What keeps you from finding that balance?

Minor arcanes: Market context


A positive attitude towards risk won’t hurt. A bullish trend is usually associated with upswing and growth. Positive movement gives a feeling of a favorable economic situation; such a mood should charge you with new energy.


Recession and careful spending are a trend towards rationality. Yes, it won’t give you everything at once, but eventually, it will protect you from bigger losses. “Bears” know when to stop and wait in order to see and avoid a risky scenario in advance. The main thing is not to confuse conservative decisions with pessimism, which never helps business.

Fresh Horizons

A new horizon is always out there. And it is especially necessary if it seems to you that everything in your situation looks routine. The future begins to seem predictable, which does not stimulate creativity. Remember, that the dynamics are set by the exploration of the unknown, and posing new challenges.


It’s okay to make mistakes. Not knowing beforehand, how your project plays out is OK too. Otherwise, the secret of creative work would have been revealed long ago, and the magic of it would be gone. Respect, support and divide responsibility between the parties involved. No pushing or elbowing – this is also normal.


Developing quickly is possible, especially if you are willing to do it in partnership. The captain of the ship is always the leader who sees the glaciers of challenges and islands of opportunity faster than anyone else. What are the signs you see ahead?

Local gems

When going places, you can see that every place has something special about it. They are usually of interest to travelers, be it leisure or business interest, but they are best known & understood, of course, by the locals. To get the most of travelling or expanding your business to new geo’s you might need to focus on local values and how you can contribute to the local community.

Other cards

The Trickster

Fate can throw you a joker sometimes. But the carte blanche of the universe, as a rule, chooses those who have already achieved something, and already have sufficient self-confidence to place a high bet. Some people or things may not really be what they seem, to be. Beware, but also learn to smile at your future. Confidence attracts and then people begin to forget who really owns the Joker card.

The Black Swan

You can be expert and seem to know the odds, but circumstances are stronger. And guess what? This is also normal. The main thing in such a plot is not to lose composure, to clearly respond to risks and negativity. Fast and clear. You’ll figure out the rest later.

The deck could also be used to play other creative games, similar to the well-known “Imaginarium”:

In each round of the game, one of the players becomes the leader, taking turns.

The deck is thoroughly shuffled, and each player is dealt 6 cards.

The leader chooses one of their cards and describes it in a veiled form: it can be a case association, or the infamous client, product, or task. They place the card face down on the table.

Participants find among their images the one that best fits what the leader said and also place it on the table face down. The leader randomly shuffles the cards and flips them, revealing the association images.

Each player makes their choice: which card is the leader’s and provides their arguments why. If the majority has guessed the leader’s card, each correct guess earns 2 points. If the majority pointed to another card that another player “adequately justified,” that player earns three points, while those who guessed the correct card earn one point each.

You can play a predetermined number of rounds and count the points at the end. Or play until a certain number of points is reached, with the winner being the first to reach that score.”



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