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Recently Apple has presented a new line of iPhone 15. Thanks to our client ASBIS, our team was at the epicenter of events, as our task was to promote the “dream product” in several markets at once – Georgia, Moldova and Armenia.

What was this? A barrage of media publications: outdoor ads, articles in news outlets, photo shoots and posts from the most popular influencers, recording and placement of videos. Sounds like some big work, eh?

What are the nuances?

  • Campaigns for the launch of new Apple products have to take place on the same day. That is, we work on all the materials in advance, agree with campaign heroes, but everything is basically released at the same time, on the same day, in different countries, formats and… not a single idea or general timing should suffer;
  • The product is available for influencers to take on the same day as the rest of the world. So bloggers start shooting/coordinating/sharing posts and videos – all on the same day;
  • Influencer collabs are not a job, it’s a lifestyle.)) Some of them just shoot their stories at the airport gate and fly away… into the blue sky with no network access. It’s a work with multiple markets, people in different countries and time zones (hello, Indonesia with a 6-hour difference), but all the information was released according to the schedule.

Why is this a project to remember for us? Firstly, because we loved it. Secondly, because it’s how we produced a few dozen publications and 21 post-stories-reels during one day, which helped us boost our ability to play on different fields and in different matches at the same tie. Thirdly, we were part of an event that the whole world was waiting for and received very warm feedback not only from the “race” participants, but also from the first-time buyers.

Ready for the new challenges! More to come 💪



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