Olivia Barbie

Olivia Barbie

Non-children’s story: a case study on how to support women who became victims of violence.

Every little girl dreams of a happy story. And sometimes she gets into trouble. We can’t stop being thankful to the staff of social organizations like oliviahelp.org who restore faith to women who experienced domestic violence every day. This is a very complicated topic to work on a promo campaign, speaking of a support line for women who became victims of domestic sexual violence.

You can’t intimidate or emphasize the tragedy.

You have to give hope, because only hope gives you the strength to fight the circumstances.

And in the meantime we have to talk about very serious, scary, painful things with plain language and simple images.

TASK: concept of a promotional campaign for a support line for women who became victims of sexual violence in the family.


  1. Audience coverage: increase the number of those who know about the hotline, create a clear informational link to the brand’s oliviahelp.org landing page.
  2. Brand recognition: the wide coverage of the media promo should convert into knowledge about the helpline.
  3. No intimidation: less emphasized drama, more faith in the future. Our words should inspire optimism and gently point to the opportunity of help.

IDEA: we decided to talk about a non-children’s problem – on… dolls. Thanks for the inspiration to the global trend of Barbie, which inspired us for situational content for social networks. 

We thought, why not …

…take the most famous puppet story as a reference?

…talk about complicated things in simple, childlike language?

…create situational advertising in the spirit of the times and still independent of the times?



  • We chose images of the most perfect couple from our childhood, Barbie and Ken. But their story could only be a stereotypical version of events (the game).
  • We complemented it with a message that indicates the reason and (as we think) gives hope.
  • Our designers generated the situational visual with the help of artificial intelligence. And finalized the details, turning one concept design – into an animated video.
  • The video stands out very much from the other socially-themed creatives, which we consider a definite hit.


Thank you to our partners for your boundless trust and constant help with the context to really get it right.



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